How to Generate a White Page?

Log in to your White Pages Bot account and start creating a White Page using the link https://whitepages.bot/app/create. If it's more convenient for you to generate White Pages through the Telegram Bot, you can start creating them in the bot @WhitePagesShopBot.

Choose a White Page Theme

Specify a theme that closely matches the desired theme of your White Page. For the best effect, we recommend specifying keywords to end up with a White Page of the exact theme you need. If you don't have a preference for the theme, you can choose "Random" and omit the keywords; in this case, the landing page theme will be selected automatically.

Choose the White Page Language

Choose the White Page language. Currently, 26 languages are supported.

Add Keywords

Specify the keywords separated by commas. Providing keywords is an auxiliary tool along with the theme, and when ordering a White Page, it helps to accurately determine the needed theme. Additionally, the specified keywords will be included in the landing page text. Keywords can be input in any language supported by our service, and they will be automatically translated into the White Page language.

Select the Number of White Pages

Next, specify the number of White Pages you need. You can order from 1 to 100 White Pages in a single order. The average generation time for landing pages is about 5 minutes, regardless of the number of ordered landing pages.

Select a Region

If you need to set a regional reference, you can choose one of the available regions. Thus, the selected country will appear in the contacts and text. Filling in this field is optional, but if necessary, it allows setting a region for the White Page.

Choose File Extension

By default, each White Page is generated with .html file extensions. If you need a White Page with PHP pages, you can change this in the settings.

Add Contact Information

By default, the contact email is info@Your_Domain.com. If you want your email address to appear in the contacts, you need to add it in the corresponding field.

Add Company Address

If necessary, specify the company address to be displayed in contacts. By default, the address is generated automatically based on the selected region, or if no region is chosen, based on the selected landing page language.

Choose the Number of Blog Pages

You can then specify the desired number of blog pages for your White Page. By default, each White Page is generated with three blog pages, but you can increase this to 15 pages.

Proceed to Generate the White Page

Finally, proceed to generate the White Page by clicking the "Create" button.